About Us

Nigel Gildersleve (BSc Hons Ost) trained at the London School of Osteopathy obtaining a BSc Hons in Osteopathy in 2000.

During his training he embraced the modern imaging techniques, that have become an important part of the diagnosis for patients attending the London Spine Clinic, writing a dissertation on Lumbar Intervertebral Foramina - An in vivo study of the anatomical changes in shape and cross sectional area in relation to flexion and extension as measured by open magnetic resonance imaging.

This was made possible by Dr Simon Blease FRCR FFSEM who set up the Harley Street Open MRI Center, and is a highly valued member of the team.

Nigel was an International level Squash Coaching professional for 15 years, giving over 25,000 lessons throughout UK, Europe & the Middle East, and discovered Osteopathy following a back injury moving house! Being self employed it was essential to get back on the squash court and was so impressed with the Osteopathic treatment and that with a knee injury threatening his squash that a new career was launched.

His time in the squash world exposed him to a varied spectrum of sports injuries, and has a personal interest in sports injuries, their treatment and rehabilitation, and is an active member of The British Association of Sports & Exercise Medicine.

Current Research & Further Professional Development

Researching Forward Head Posture (FHP), prevalence, methods of assessment; quantitive analysis, treatment protocol.

Spinal Rehabilitation - Back & Core strengthening

Creating a fusion of Clinical Pilates & Osteopath

Away from the clinic a life of adventure awaits - swimming with dolphins in The Red Sea, sky diving in France, mountain marathons and Ironman Triathlons - the weekend just isn't long enough!!!

Currently building a base for a selection of events in 2017, including Ironman Zurich, the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District, with a couple of challenges between now and then to gauge preparation, such as The South Wales Traverse, Mountain Biking routes such as The South Downs Way