In association with The London Spine Clinic, osteopath.co.uk has a back & neck pain clinic at 116 Harley Street, London.

As part of the multi disciplinary team at The London Spine Clinic, we as osteopaths are perfectly placed to provide treatment for back & neck pain as well as for a whole range of musculo-skeletal problems in joints including shoulder, elbow, hip, knee & ankle.

The London Spine Clinic, set up by consultant spinal neuro surgeon Mr John Sutcliffe over 20 years ago and backed up by the expertise of a team of highly qualified specialists, including Spinal Neuro Surgeons, Anaesthetists specialised in pain management, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists.

Conditions that regularly present at our clinic and that have been treated successfully by osteopathy include; nerve root entrapment such as sciatica or brachalgia,  pain or discomfort from degenerative conditions such as degenerative disc disease, facet hypertrophy and spondylolysthesis; scoliosis, frozen shoulder, hip pain, whiplash, headaches and RSI.

Osteopathy is the solution to reducing pain and restoring function. Combined with the most advanced exercise programs specifically designed to strengthen the supporting musculature; postural correction work, functional exercises you will have excellent prospects for remaining pain free in the long term.